Sustainable catheter reuse saves money and the planet

In our modern world, we need to identify new solutions to old problems. Our patented process brings sustainability and responsibility to the medical industry worldwide*.

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Our Process:



Locate untapped new sources
Internal medicine


Claim and secure used catheters


Clean to the highest standards


Seal in post-consumer plastic


Ship worldwide* to you!

A Team You Can Trust

When CEO Ronald Dyer visited a hospital in 2019, he was surprised and horrified to learn that the only catheters available to the hospital were brand new. A lifetime in business had taught Dyer that secondhand markets are a great way to cut costs while saving the planet.

Acting on these insights, Dyer contacted Dr. Curtis "The Brain" Hilda, one of the smartest doctors he had heard of. Dr. Hilda quickly grasped the implications of Dyer's vision, and devised a process to bring post-consumer catheters to the marketplaces of the world*.

Ronald Ivory Dyer

CEO - Chief Executive Officer

After a lifetime in business, Mr. Dyer changed the medical world by realizing the untapped potential of the used catheter marketplace.

Dr. Curtis Hilda

CMO - Chief Medical Officer

Known universally as The Brain, Dr. Hilda is fully licenced to practice medicine in several municipalities spanning 5 countries.

Ezra J. Brandenberg

CFO - Chief Financial Officer

23 years experience in international finance, serving in various roles across several prestigious organizations.

Audria Schmidt

COO - Chief Operations Officer

Extensive leadership experience in the adult entertainment industry makes Ms. Schmidt the ideal leader for company operations.

Post-Consumer catheters are BETTER than new!

There is something to be said for fresh and new. A new car. Brand new shoes. But catheters are just medical devices. No one gets excited about a new catheter. And most people just throw them away. So why not a used catheter, saving money and the planet at the same time? Our catheters are:

  • Cleaned to the highest standards
  • 99.98% disease-free for most uses
  • Medically certified by on-site doctor
  • Sustainable and carbon-neutral
  • Sealed in tamper-proof packaging
  • Delivered to your door worldwide*

Worldwide* Reach

We Accept Bitcoin!

We are proud to support the cryptocurrency evolution! We accept Bitcoin and several other cryptocurrencies for all of our products and services.